Hand in Hand Parenting Online Starter Class

Mondays at 10am OR 8pm UK time (2 separate classes)

Starting January 11th 2021 (Jan 11th, 18th, 25th, Feb 1st, 8th, 15th)

Parenting is full-on at the best of times.  Throw in some tricky behaviour from our children, some triggers that really push our buttons, the exhaustion that comes with juggling earning a living and holding a household together, never mind a pandemic disrupting our coping mechanisms, and it might seem that being a good parent is asking too much!

Separation anxiety, sleep trouble, toileting issues, picky eating, aggression, fears and anxiety, sibling rivalry, the list can seem endless. You are not alone in your struggles.

For over 30 years Hand in Hand has been supporting parents when parenting gets hard.  We teach 5 listening tools that can be used immediately, in all parenting situations. Leading to deeper connections between parents and children, helping solve tricky behaviour, healing past hurts and trauma, developing resilience and confidence (for you and your children) and strengthening relationships for life.

This class which introduces the Hand in Hand parenting tools can bring;

  • a greater understanding of what’s going on when your children display tricky behaviour
  • more co-operation within your family
  • a more playful atmosphere in your home
  • a confidence in your ability to figure out how to roll with whatever your children, and the world, throws at you
  • a means to set limits that strengthen, rather than damage, your connection with your children
  • non-judgemental support that gives you the inspiration to do it all again tomorrow
  • on-going support, by finding listening partnerships that can last for years

I am a mum to two primary-school aged boys, a childminder to pre-schoolers, and a Hand in Hand certified instructor based in the North West of England. 

During the 6-week course I will support you through a weekly zoom call, where you can share and reflect on your experiences, learn from others’ experiences, ask questions and receive listening. The calls support you whilst you practice and reflect on how the tools work within your own family. Group numbers are limited to ensure everyone has time to ask questions relating to your family situation and so all members have time to be listened to well.

You will have 6 months access to the online classroom, which has excellent videos and reading material to support your learning from Hand in Hand founder Patty Wipfler, and a dedicated Whatsapp group to ask questions and get support in between the weekly Zoom meetings.

Full cost £270 (including online classroom access) please contact me for subsidies.

Some parent’s responses after working with me;

“The supportive and non-judgmental atmosphere really helped build my confidence as a parent. The supportive way in which Katy held the space really gave me the confidence to think that I can and was doing my absolute best – and this in turn enabled and inspired me to try new things.”

“It is the first parenting manual I have found that honours that the parent knows, and that the parent has needs. Normally the parent seems to be left out in parenting classes!”

“I feel inspired by hearing the other parents and Katy helping us on how to use the tools simply and effectively. The fun-quota in my family has definitely upped, as has my sense of compassion for self and others, especially, my children. I know that building these tools into my life will effect massive changes on all sorts of levels.

Please email me at katylinsley@handinhandparenting.org to reserve your space.