Getting the Support We ALL Need

Parenting is HARD. Not always, but often.

It’s complex, demanding, often undervalued. Sometimes it feels relentless.

When our children are struggling they show us. They signal us in unique and varied ways.

  • Tantrums?
  • Aggression?
  • Anxiety?
  • Rigidity?
  • Non-cooperation?
  • Sibling Rivalry?
  • Sleep Troubles?
  • Picky Eating?

Sometimes it’s US that are struggling.

WE feel overwhelmed, anxious, angry, frustrated. We feel like we’re not being the parents we WANT to be.

The Hand in Hand Parenting Starter Class is a fabulous way to get knowledge and support.

  • Learn 5 practical tools
  • Cutting-edge information on how children’s emotions work
  • Attachment based, non-permissive approach
  • Non-judgemental community support
  • Small, LIVE class