Free Class – Your Anxious Child

Our children can be anxious about so many things, and it can be painful to watch.

We don’t need all our children to demand the attention of a room, or be the first to try out something new. We don’t need all our children to be the first to pet a dog, or hold a spider. But neither do we want all our children to slink away and never try anything, never take small risks, never feel exhilarated because they tried something that was new or tricky.

Does your child

  • avoid things you think they might enjoy?
  • cling to their adults rather than explore safe spaces?
  • withdraw and make themselves small?
  • urgently “need” things to feel safe?

It’s OK to take our time before we launch into something, to watch and see how others do and then have a go ourselves. And it’s OK that some of our children are cautious, we can’t all try the new mushroom to see if it’s edible. Some of us have to watch carefully, so we can report back to those coming after us, that THAT mushroom is, in fact, deadly!

But, we CAN help our naturally cautious and our more anxious children to shift some of the fear and anxiety that is stopping them from tiptoeing into fun, excitement, fulfillment, exploration and development.

Would you like to have some tools to shift some of those anxieties so your child could move through life with more lightness?

Learn about some tools that can help!

Join me Saturday 4th February at 3pm UK time (7am PST, 10am EST) (or in-person, in Lancaster, UK at 10am)

Click here to sign up for the free class and get the support that ALL parents need.