Tears and Tantrums Class

Understanding Tears and Tantrums – 3 week Class

Fridays at 10am (June 18th, 25TH, July 2nd)

If you find yourself confused or frustrated by your child’s tantrums and big cries, you are not alone. We parents have been trained to feel that we should be able to fix our children’s upsets. We want to help. But often, our efforts don’t really work. It’s frustrating to try so hard and have the results be so unsatisfying! If you don’t know what to do, or are worried that you are making things worse this class will help.

In this 3-week class, we will focus on your child’s most passionate emotional moments. We’ll look at what tears and tantrums are, what they mean, and how you can respond so that your child’s emotional moments actually help them, and you.

We will give you some new ways to think about your child’s feelings. And we will introduce you to Listening Tools that help to relieve your child’s upsets and lower your stress level as well.

You are a loving parent. You work hard to make your child’s life good. You and your child deserve the joy of closeness that you both want. We know you want to have a family in which all are respected, all are appreciated, and all can thrive with each other’s help. In our experience, understanding more about how your child’s emotions work will help you to reap these rewards of parenting.

This class is set up so that you can learn from your own experience, and from your child. Each week, we will offer you ideas and very specific Listening Tools to try at home.

We will set up times for you to listen to the experience of other parents and caregivers, and to reflect on the things you are learning.

We’ll invite you to notice what kinds of feelings arise for you, too, so part of this training will focus on the fact that we too become upset, and on ways to reduce that stress.

Some parent’s responses after working with me;

“The supportive and non-judgmental atmosphere really helped build my confidence as a parent. The supportive way in which Katy held the space really gave me the confidence to think that I can and was doing my absolute best – and this in turn enabled and inspired me to try new things.”

“It is the first parenting manual I have found that honours that the parent knows, and that the parent has needs. Normally the parent seems to be left out in parenting classes!”

“I feel inspired by hearing the other parents and Katy helping us on how to use the tools simply and effectively. The fun-quota in my family has definitely upped, as has my sense of compassion for self and others, especially, my children. I know that building these tools into my life will effect massive changes on all sorts of levels.

Fee £145/$200

Please email me at katylinsley@handinhandparenting.org to reserve your space.