Childcare Professionals

childminders introduction to emotions: interactive online workshops

4 Classes X 90mins : (contact for dates available)

7.30pm-9.00pm £59

Learn attachment-based, trauma-informed, cutting-edge, non-permissive childcare tools

Do you want to…
  • De-code challenging behaviour?
  • Improve cooperation from your mindees?
  • Help children’s (and parents) separation anxiety?
  • Reduce aggression and arguments from your mindees?
  • Swap whining and clinging behaviour, for a more playful, relaxed atmosphere in your setting?
  • Know how to support yourself from feeling isolated and burnt out?
These interactive workshops will provide
  • Good, up-to-date information about what is going on in the emotional lives of the children we care for.
  • Practical tools to use immediately in your setting.
  • Emotional support for the important, demanding job you do.
  • Tailored, personal support for you and the children you care for.
  • Continual Professional Development certificate on completion of the workshops

What is included in each session?

Session 1

  • Brain science of children’s emotions
  • Support for yourself to counter isolation of childminders job
  • building connection to promote cooperation
  • helping separation anxiety, crying, clinging, whining, timidity.

Session 2

  • More brain science
  • setting limits in a new way
  • Taking care of our own needs
  • helping mindees to share, listen, reduce aggression

Session 3

  • Even more brain science
  • Using a new way to play to build connection, coopertion, confidence and rigidity
  • How to support yourself when working with parents

Each workshop series will be tailored to the specific needs of the participants. There will be time allocated for personalised support regarding individual circumstances in addition to the above.

email katylinsley@katylinsleyhandinhandparenting to reserve your place

Deposit of £15 required, remaining £44 to be paid by 1st workshop session.