Listening Partnership Class

9 week online class

8pm UK time (12pm PST, 3pm EST, 7am AEDT)

Jan 12th, 19th, 26th, Feb 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, Mar 2nd, 9th)

£150 or 3 x £50 installments

Have you tried Listening Partnerships? Would you like to give them a go?

Have you had occasional Listening Time, and would like to try regular Listening Time?

Maybe you’d like to find out how to make your Listening Time more effective?

Maybe you’d like to gain confidence and be a more effective listener?

Maybe you’d like to learn about the nuances of Listening Partnerships?

This 9 week course will delve deeper into listening partnerships and is suited for all levels of experience with Listening Partnerships.

Each week there will be approximately an hours worth of videos (split into 5-15mins chunks) to be done on your own schedule, AND an hours live session via zoom to connect and share listening time. (This may be extending to an hour and a half, depending on number of participants)

You will receive 

  • Hand in Hand Listening Partnership self-guided course, which will be yours forever (Worth $89)
  • A break down of which videos to watch each week
  • An electronic copy of the Hand in Hand “Listening Partnerships” Booklet
  • An opportunity to ask questions and share thoughts and ideas
  • Weekly listening, either as a whole group, small group or in pairs
  • Community that you can reach out to during the 9 weeks, and after, if you wish.

Listening Partnerships is key to using the Hand in Hand Listening Tools.  They help us

  • figure out what we want for our families
  • parent with more creativity and lightness
  • achieve change in our families
  • heal from the childhood experiences
  • prevent old messages play out with our own children
  • counter the feelings of isolation in parenting
  • support ourselves in ALL areas of our lives
  • sit with uncomfortable feelings, experience them shift and leave us, whilst someone listens to how hard it is.
  • listen to our children, and others with more compassion and understanding
  • And so many other things!

The benefits of Listening Partnerships have been profound for me, and continue to do o. I’d love you to join us and experience them for yourself.

Thursdays: 8pm UK time (12pm PST, 3pm EST, 7am AEDT, 9am NZDT)

Some parent’s responses after working with me;

“This course has helped me see my children differently, and frankly – love them more. I can really see the good in them. Instead of seeing wilful defiance, I’m seeing a child struggling. Instead of looking in the mirror and seeing my failure as a parent, I’m seeing a woman who is really trying her best. It changes everything. I feel a new lease of life as a parent. Katy is a truly brilliant instructor. She is clearly so dedicated, so in tune, so thoughtful, so caring. She really held the space in such a calm, loving way. And I feel changed by this experience. She has given me such an incredible gift as a parent.”

“The supportive and non-judgmental atmosphere really helped build my confidence as a parent. The supportive way in which Katy held the space really gave me the confidence to think that I can and was doing my absolute best – and this in turn enabled and inspired me to try new things.”

“It is the first parenting manual I have found that honours that the parent knows, and that the parent has needs. Normally the parent seems to be left out in parenting classes!”

“I feel inspired by hearing the other parents and Katy helping us on how to use the tools simply and effectively. The fun-quota in my family has definitely upped, as has my sense of compassion for self and others, especially, my children. I know that building these tools into my life will effect massive changes on all sorts of levels.

£150 either paid in full or 3 x £50 installments