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I’m so excited to be carrying on with some in-person free talks in Lancaster’s Herbarium cafe (5-7 Great John Street, LA1 1NQ) They have created such a beautiful space that is perfect to meet, share and connect with others.

The Herbarium is 100% plant based, serving coffee, cake, brunch and some evenings.

NEXT FREE TALK TBC – SUggest a Topic!

Join me Saturday June 24th at 3pm UK time (7am PST, 10am EST) (or in-person, in Lancaster, UK at 10am)

In-person (at Herbarium Cafe, Great Johns, Lancaster, UK) @ 10am – 11am Saturday 13th May

Online @ 3pm – 4pm (7am PT/10am ET) Saturday June 24th

Recorded talks from my last series.

Why Our Children Won’t Listen

How can we get our children to listen to us? What is going on for our children when they cry and tantrum? How can we have more cooperation from our children? How do our children’s emotions work? Learn 2 Hand in Hand Parenting tools that promote connection and help a child’s natural healing process.

Online Replay

Preschoolers and Food

It can be stressful when our little ones refuse to eat, or even TRY the food we lay out for them. Sometimes we worry they don’t eat a varied enough diet. We can get frustrated that the hard work we’ve put into the meals isn’t appreciated. Meal times themselves can just seem miserable.


Helping our anxious child

Our children can be anxious about so many things, and it can be painful to watch. Would you like to have some tools to shift some of those anxieties so your child could move through life with more lightness?

Online Version REPLAY

Getting Emotional Support for Ourselves.

Why do we need emotional support and how can we get it? To parent well we need our BEST THINKING. Learn about a tool that helps us do just that.

online version REPLAY

Smoothing Sibling Rivalry

Get tools to build and foster closer, more affectionate relationships between your children and encourage natural cooperation, ease and confidence, reduce bickering and squabbling, and promote laughter and affection between children.


Healing the Hurts of Separation

Learn what is really going on for your child when they resist separating from you and how you can support them to grow in confidence and resilience when they are away from you.

Online Version REPLAY

Why our Children Push our Buttons, and How We Can Help Ourselves

We know how we’d like to respond to our children but somehow we STILL end up doing and saying things we regret. Find out how we can turn that around and be more like the parents we want to be.

Online Version replay

No More Biting, Hitting, Pulling Hair: Helping Children with Aggression

Find out what is behind our children’s aggression and how we can help them in ways that strengthen our connection with them, AND stops the aggression.

Online version part 1 Replay & part 2 replay

Bedtime Struggles and Separation Anxiety

Come dig into why bedtimes can be exhausting, frustrating or infuriating. Get some practical help for when your children find it difficult to say goodnight.

Online version replay

Setting Limits and Building Cooperation

We teach a different way to set limits that is non-permissive, yet gentle. That honours the child and the adult, that builds connection, trust, co-operation and fun.

Online Version Replay

Preschoolers Tantrums and Aggression

Want to dig deeper into what we can do when our children tantrum, or are aggressive. And how we can prevent tantrums happening in the first place.

Online Version Replay Part 1 & Replay part 2

Introduction to Listening Partnerships

Find out the basics to get you started with Listening Partnerships, the tool that helps you use the other Hand in Hand tools with lightness and creativity.

Online version replay