Talks & Workshops

In Person & Online

I’m so excited to be starting up with some in-person free talks and workshops in Lancaster’s Herbarium cafe (5-7 Great John Street, LA1 1NQ) They have created such a beautiful space that is perfect to meet, share and connect with others.

The Herbarium is 100% plant based, serving coffee, cake, brunch and some evenings.

Every 1st Saturday: Talks 10am – 11am (free, no need to book) : Workshops 10am – 12.30pm (£25 per person – limited spaces)

After the in-person talk I’m going to hold the same talk online, either the day or week after.

February 5th: Talk: Healing the Hurts of Separation

Learn what is really going on for your child when they resist separating from you and how you can support them to grow in confidence and resilience when they are away from you.

Online Version REPLAY

March 5th: Talk: Why our Children Push our Buttons, and How We Can Help Ourselves

We know how we’d like to respond to our children but somehow we STILL end up doing and saying things we regret. Find out how we can turn that around and be more like the parents we want to be.

Online Version replay

April 2nd: Talk: No More Biting, Hitting, Pulling Hair: Helping Children with Aggression

Find out what is behind our children’s aggression and how we can help them in ways that strengthen our connection with them, AND stops the aggression.

Online Talk: April 3rd 10am-11am UK time email to register

May 7th: Workshop: Separation Anxiety & Bedtime struggles

Want to delve in deeper to help your children become more confident when they leave you? Find out how dealing with separation anxiety can help with bedtime struggles as well.

Tickets are £25 per person or £40 per couple

Online Talk: May 8th 10am-11am UK time email to register

June 4th: Talk: Setting Limits and Building Cooperation

We teach a different way to set limits that is non-permissive, yet gentle. That honours the child and the adult, that builds connection, trust, co-operation and fun.

Online Talk: June 11th 10am-11am UK time email to register

July 2nd: Workshop: Preschoolers Tantrums and Aggression

Want to dig deeper into what we can do when our children tantrum, or are aggressive. And how we can prevent tantrums happening in the first place.

Tickets are £25 per person or £40 per couple

Online Talk: July 3rd 10am-11am UK time email to register