Testimonials from support groups

Some comments from the lovely parents that have worked with me;

“Parenting is the hardest job I’ve ever done. I had no idea it would be this hard. In the past I have really disliked my own children at times. This course has helped me see my children differently, and frankly – love them more. I can really see the good in them. Instead of seeing wilful defiance, I’m seeing a child struggling. Instead of looking in the mirror and seeing my failure as a parent, I’m seeing a woman who is really trying her best. It changes everything. I feel a new lease of life as a parent. Katy is a truly brilliant instructor. She is clearly so dedicated, so in tune, so thoughtful, so caring. She really held the space in such a calm, loving way. And I feel changed by this experience. She has given me such an incredible gift as a parent.”

“It would not be an exaggeration to say that Katy Linsley’s work with me has fundamentally changed our family life. Since learning about the work of Patty Wiplfer and Daniel Siegel, I had been searching for an emotionally informed parent coach for two years. I had tried many options but none had been quite what I was looking for. And then I found Katy! We have now been working together for 6 months and the change in my children, and my relationship with them is profound.” Abi, Mother of 2.

“I wish I could gift this course to every parent! The tools have really helped me and my son connect in a more positive way. There’s far less screaming and tantruming these days – from both of us!”

“The support you feel is amazing. It is good to feel accepted and to know you are not the only one struggling with these issues.”

“It is the first parenting manual I have found that honours that the parent knows and that the parent has needs. Normally the parent seems to be left out in parenting classes!”

“The supportive and non-judgmental atmosphere really helped build my confidence as a parent. The supportive way in which Katy held the space really gave me the confidence to think that I can and was doing my absolute best – and this in turn enabled and inspired me to try new things. The key thing I’d say about all the listening tools is that now I feel like I have creativity and options in how I respond, as opposed to just feeling stuck with the same old strategies that just weren’t working. While the book (Listen) was useful, the group was even more so – having Katy’s insights and the chance to share experiences with other parents was really ground-breaking for me and brought the material to light in a much greater way than would have been achieved through just reading a book. Huge thanks again for a wonderful course, Katy!”

“I wanted to enjoy my time with my children more. Before the course I was very aware of what I felt I was “failing” at. Being on the course allowed me to share my own and hear other’s experiences of family life, with all it’s ups and downs. It also gave me a space to talk and think about how I want to parent, and what works for my family. Sessions were a mixture of a useful tool to use to improve family life, and time for discussion. Katy has a lovely presence and is very knowledgeable.”

“I feel inspired by hearing the other parents and Katy helping us on how to use the tools simply and effectively. The fun-quota in my family has definitely upped, as have my sense of compassion for self and others, especially, my children. I know that building these tools into my life will effect massive changes on all sorts of levels. And meeting monthly through Katy holding support groups means I continue to be on track, get deeper into the matter, and know I’ve got allies in a challenging enough world”

“I didn’t realise how essential this (support) was. Despite being scared to start it has given me a chance to breathe. I really valued not being judged and the safe space” 

“I have been calmer and had more patience since understanding my sons emotions”

“Katy was very warm and welcoming and it made it very easy to relax” 

“The support you feel is amazing. It is good to feel accepted and to know that you are not the only one struggling with these issues” 

“Being able to share our most difficult problems has been invaluable – it has put my own struggles into perspective and also given me the strength, insight and inspiration to take back to my own family, and it has motivated me.” 

“Having the group be so articulately and gently led by Katy, giving us all space to reflect on our struggles in a held and supported space was so useful”