Helping your Child’s Separation Anxiety in a Kind and Supportive Way

(First published on Hand in Hand Parenting website @ Feeling sad when we say goodbye to those we love is natural. We should have an emotional response because we love and care so much. But we don’t want children so overwhelmed when they leave us that it stops them from fully engaging in their … Continue reading Helping your Child’s Separation Anxiety in a Kind and Supportive Way

Turning “I hate you!” around.

“Go away! I hate you!” Never a nice thing to hear.  Especially screamed. Loudly. In a public place. Sometimes I think my life can be split into before Hand in Hand Parenting, and after.  Like driving to new locations using an unwieldy paper map and then discovering satellite navigation. Before I learnt some good information … Continue reading Turning “I hate you!” around.

Tears and Tantrums

“I want the Walkie Talkie!” The cry was a heart-broken plea, at a deafening volume. My 4-year-old mindee was flat out on the floor beside me, where I had sat down to explain it was time to tidy up before I took her home.  She was sad, cross, indignant, and desperate for the toy. She … Continue reading Tears and Tantrums

Rewards of Listening to Feelings

Christmas has not been what we had thought it might be. Sitting in front of the TV, watching the UK Prime minster telling us that more restrictions were needed, was odd. Odd in that it’s become a thing we do now. Watch Boris make Announcements.  Like we’re about to go to war. The surreal-ness is … Continue reading Rewards of Listening to Feelings