Being Listened to Gives us Space to Think.

I really haven't known what I've wanted to say for nearly the whole of lockdown. Every time I have thought I might have something I might like to share, the following week has turned my head and I've felt entirely different, leaving me feeling like a complete fraud for the previous week's mood. At one … Continue reading Being Listened to Gives us Space to Think.

Tears and Tantrums

“I want the Walkie Talkie!” The cry was a heart-broken plea, at a deafening volume. My 4-year-old mindee was flat out on the floor beside me, where I had sat down to explain it was time to tidy up before I took her home.  She was sad, cross, indignant, and desperate for the toy. She … Continue reading Tears and Tantrums

Listening to Emotions Can Be Hard.

My boys cry. Not that much of a big deal, maybe. Except that for a long time I tried to make it stop. At times, I down right didn’t allow it. It's not nice to admit but it was the effect it sometimes had on me. Physically. Some crying used to pierce my ears, like … Continue reading Listening to Emotions Can Be Hard.