Free Class – Your Anxious Child

Our children can be anxious about so many things, and it can be painful to watch. We don't need all our children to demand the attention of a room, or be the first to try out something new. We don't need all our children to be the first to pet a dog, or hold a … Continue reading Free Class – Your Anxious Child

Sibling Rivalry – Free Class

Bickering? Fighting? Problematic Competitiveness? Indifference? Teasing? Put Downs? You and your children are not alone!  As the holidays approach we can really dread the sibling rivalry that can be triggered as we all spend more time together as a family, in an often busy, supposedly lovely, festive season.  Would you like some ideas of how … Continue reading Sibling Rivalry – Free Class

Getting the Support We ALL Need

Parenting is HARD. Not always, but often. It's complex, demanding, often undervalued. Sometimes it feels relentless. When our children are struggling they show us. They signal us in unique and varied ways. Tantrums? Aggression? Anxiety? Rigidity? Non-cooperation? Sibling Rivalry? Sleep Troubles? Picky Eating? Sometimes it's US that are struggling. WE feel overwhelmed, anxious, angry, frustrated. … Continue reading Getting the Support We ALL Need

Getting Listening Support Makes All The Difference

If you have ever worked with me personally, or seen any of my webinars, it's likely that I will have gone on and on about Listening Partnerships. Well, I'm going to go on about them again!  Because they have not only changed my parenting, they have changed my life! If you have ever tried listening … Continue reading Getting Listening Support Makes All The Difference

HELP! My CHild Won’t Let Me Staylisten… What Can I Do?

(First published on Those of us who know the power in expressing all of our feelings feel differently about crying. Instead of shutting down crying, we welcome the tears.  When those of us in the know get together, we might be overheard excitedly exclaiming “Oh, they had a brilliant, long cry this morning!” with … Continue reading HELP! My CHild Won’t Let Me Staylisten… What Can I Do?

Struggling with Transitions? Here’s One Thing You Can Do Today That Will Help

(This article was written and first published on Struggling around transitions with your child? Then how many of these moments sound familiar and fill you with dread?  Do you watch the clock, count the seconds, and run requests in your mind waaaay before you ask your child to stop an activity?  Do you worry … Continue reading Struggling with Transitions? Here’s One Thing You Can Do Today That Will Help

Why can’t I Just…Stop…Nagging?

Sometimes you have no idea why the words are coming out of your mouth. Sometimes your brain is actively trying to STOP the words coming out. Sometimes you hear them as if someone else is saying them. You know its not helpful, might even be unhelpful, but you still can’t stop your lips and tongue … Continue reading Why can’t I Just…Stop…Nagging?

Parenting Judgement

It was like watching Goggle Box. I was viewing the scene from the other side of the street, a stream of judgemental critique flowing through my mind. A young mum was pushing a pram with a toddler trailing behind her, wailing. The Mum was looking ahead, seemingly deaf to the noises her child was making. … Continue reading Parenting Judgement

Not the Final Destination, but We’re Getting There.

Anxiety. It’s been a long journey. And we’re not at anywhere resembling a final destination. But we’re not where we started. We’ve been through a few stations, got stuck in a few tunnels, visited the buffet car, and seen some views. When my son was 3-years old he found conversations with relatives unnerving. When he … Continue reading Not the Final Destination, but We’re Getting There.

Trained Barista, untrained Parent?

I don’t know how the baristas make their coffee. There are scales and brushes and a flick of the wrist that I’ve witnessed, but more than that… I couldn’t tell you. I know there’s training and skill involved. I know just standing behind the counter in stylish clothes wouldn’t make me a barista. Which makes … Continue reading Trained Barista, untrained Parent?