Sibling Rivalry – Free Class

Bickering? Fighting? Problematic Competitiveness? Indifference? Teasing? Put Downs? You and your children are not alone!  As the holidays approach we can really dread the sibling rivalry that can be triggered as we all spend more time together as a family, in an often busy, supposedly lovely, festive season.  Would you like some ideas of how … Continue reading Sibling Rivalry – Free Class

Connecting With Kids: from laughter to lightness

“Mum, I think Charlie must have had a really big cry!” As my 7-year-old, Charlie and myself had all been together in the garden for the past 20 minutes and Charlie HADN’T cried I was a bit confused. “What do you mean Jimmy?” “Well, Charlie seems all…light.” “Light?” Oddly, I do sometimes use that phrase … Continue reading Connecting With Kids: from laughter to lightness