Sibling Rivalry – Free Class

Bickering? Fighting? Problematic Competitiveness? Indifference? Teasing? Put Downs? You and your children are not alone!  As the holidays approach we can really dread the sibling rivalry that can be triggered as we all spend more time together as a family, in an often busy, supposedly lovely, festive season.  Would you like some ideas of how … Continue reading Sibling Rivalry – Free Class

Playing Our Way Out of Sibling Rivalry

Having two boys is great, wonderful. And simultaneously, one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. As a childminder I look after 3 toddlers every day, but having two of my own children feels like working at a different level. Maybe because child care and parenting are very different jobs. It's the arguments, the competitiveness, … Continue reading Playing Our Way Out of Sibling Rivalry